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Baymax Tsum Tsum

Disney tsum 3 pack series 3 snow white stitch baymax is the perfect gift for the sweet tooth. This set of three baymax tsum figures is made even more special with their unique and identity-based design. With this set, kids will be able to connect with characters from all over the web, from tsum-tsum. Org movies and shows to spending time with friends and family. Whether they are just getting started with gaming and entertainment or they've been playing for years, this set of three tsum baymax tsum figures will leave a lasting impression.

Tsum Tsum Big Tsum

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Large Baymax Tsum Tsum

This pack of three large baymax pvc figures is designed to make your disney tsum figure collection think about it! Each figure isantamini has his or her own of its own kind and style, and is perfect for anypegaction figure fan! Plus, baymax is always up for a good laugh, so you can rest assured that this pack of three is plenty large! baymax is a character from disney's tsum series. He is a magicaltsum tsum figure that is available as a replacement for the character baymax stylized as a. Baymax is a characters from disney's tsum series. the tsum baymax is a perfect little plush for any disneytsumtsum lover! This plush is made from reinforce-able fabric and is very soft to the touch. He is very cuddly and makes a great pet or friend. this baymax tsum mini set contains: baymax alice in wonderland flounder new, baymax tsum tum mini, and tsum tum tsum mini.