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Mad Hatter Tsum Tsum

If you're searching for a fun and interactive toy to enjoy while at school, the disney plush tsum is superb for you! With its team-builder design and peerless for children who are interested in disney culture, the disney plush tsum is a must-have toy for any disney lover.

Tsum Tsum Alice In Wonderland Set

Tsum is a character from the disney movie "wonderland" who is blind, when jack and the rest of the other characters go to pack in the end of the movie, they find a house with a tsum tree in it. Jack calls out to the character, and she comes out of her room to see what is happening, jack sets up a camera to take pictures of the character, and eventually she becomes popular enough that there are even children's books about her. Mad Hatter tsum vinyl mystery packs are top-of-the-heap surrogate to keep your disney tsum in play! These packs come with 10 mystery packs which will give you 8 cards in total, plus, we offer a free shipping offer of $5 per pack when you purchase these. This package contains: -mad Hatter -a key lime pie -a key lime pie -2 -a key lime pie -6 this pack includes seven different disney tsum figures: Mad hatter, daisy, bob, bookworm, frame, orchard, and a " besieges the dark lord" tile, the figure is posed with her head wrapped in a kraft wig and her signed book, both placed in a box on a desk in the orchard. There's also a solicitation patent application attached! The pack is filled with questions and challenges for the figure, and she's tasked with catching a thief, the pack also includes a trading card for her, so get her up in the air and share this figure with your friends.