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Maximus Tsum Tsum

This tsum mini plush is sensational for kids who ache to be the characters from the disney movies in their life, this plush tsum is fabricated of soft, luxurious fabric and is designed to please. This tsum is a first-class surrogate to get the family excited for christmas.

Cheap Maximus Tsum Tsum

This soft and cozy disney tsum tsum mini plush is a top-rated addition to home, this mini plush is based on the character Maximus from the lion king and ishyper-realistic in terms of design and detailing. This plush is 4 ct, in weight and will add some warmth and comfort to each home décor. The is a new and advanced toy that is with max out your power with a big smile! This tsumtsum toy is modern and sleek with a yellow mane, and is 5 inch in diameter with a bath sponge texture, it comes with a small bath sponge and a large bath sponge that is capacity to materialize larger toys. The toy is lightly captioned with "tssum tsum Maximus tangled 3, 5 mini plush toy rapunzel horse max yellow mane ". The disney plush tsum is an exceptional toy for people who admire to carouse with their friends during the summer hours, this toy is large enough to provide a little pleasure for all your playtime needs. This tangled mini plush is produced of soft and smooth plush, and is designed to please, he is a bright green and black tsum outfit, and renders a bright green and black tsum outfit on his head. The plush is exquisite for any child who loves tangled movies and tv shows.