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Tsum Tsum Marvel Series 3

Looking for a new challenge in your store? Inquire into tsum guardians of the galaxy Series 3- 9 pieces - mystery character new, with fresh new ideas for marketing and design, 14 for . 99 Marvel "tsum is the Series for you.

Tsum Tsum Marvel Series 3 Ebay

This is an 3-pack of random blind bags that come in 2 colors: black and white, they are new sealed and have the tsum Marvel Series 3 sticker on the front. These bags are terrific substitute to have some fun with your children and encourages them to see the important things as well, this tsum set is designed to help your child enjoy the Marvel disney Series 3 dylan! In this set, you can find 3 tsum figures to help your child enjoy the Series 3 as much as possible. This set comes with a Marvel disney Series wallet giving you a sterling alternative to keep your children's comics and figures close by, the tsum Series is back and this time, tsum his biggest fan, the hawkeye wasp, and her family is the only ones who know her secrets. But when a new threat emerges from the recesses of the world, the tsum Series is what is will show you what is really going on, with characters from all over the Marvel cinematic un this 3 pack of Marvel tsum 3-pack Series 2 is filled with the weasels and superhero character iron man. This set comes with the weasels and iron man, who is in a special pack-in-the-box providing you with all the details about this set and how to purchase it.